RMC Protection for Closet Owners

With RMC Protection you can list items and rent safely, knowing we’ve got your back in the rare case that something goes wrong. 

RMC Protection is available in Australia, for closet owners who ship using Australia Post Shipping label. Read on for full details of the programme, which forms part of our Terms of Service.

What’s eligible for RMC Protection?

In the rare case that the item is lost or damaged in transit, your sale will be eligible for RMC Protection if the following criteria apply to your item. Note, ALL must apply:

  • The item was sold via the RMC website using the RENT NOW button. 
  • The item was sent with a Australia Post Shipping label within 5 days from the transaction date
  • The item has been lost or damaged in transit (this includes where a return has been arranged and the item is lost or damaged upon return.) 
  • The item was sent to the renter's address shown in your shipping receipt (you won’t be eligible if you send it elsewhere, either by accident or at the request of the renter).

What are the RMC Protection limits?

The below limits apply to RMC Protection for sellers and include the item price, as well as shipping fees and applicable taxes. For any items worth more than this, you should consider using a shipping method that allows you to purchase insurance.

Rentals up to $1000 AUD are eligible for RMC Protection provided you qualify under the eligibility criteria above.

How do I get RMC Protection?  

If something has gone wrong with an item that you shipped, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Respond to all RMC communications within the given time frame, including providing any additional information requested by the Support team. 

What’s excluded from RMC Protection as a Closet Owner?

If ANY of the following apply, you won’t be eligible for RMC Protection:

  • Bookings made outside of the Rent My Closet website e.g. direct money transfers such as PayPal or bank transfers
  • Items sent using any other method than a shipping label purchased through Australia Post
  • Meeting in person to hand over an item
  • If any of the eligibility criteria set out above are not met.


RMC Protection for renters (customers)


What’s eligible for RMC Protection?

If your item doesn’t arrive, arrives damaged, or is significantly not as described, you’ll get a full refund if you report the issue to us within 7 days of the date of booking.  

You don’t need to pay extra to be eligible. Your full purchase price (including shipping and any applicable taxes/duties) is protected automatically if you qualify for RMC Protection.

All payment methods are included, so you can rent safely with RMC Payments (Apple/Google pay and amex, visa/debit card payments).

How do I get RMC Protection?

If you paid via RMC Payments and your item is lost or damaged in transit, just email us at info@rentmycloset.com.au to begin a claim. 

What’s Excluded from RMC Protection?

Items must be purchased in the RMC website - you won’t be eligible if you pay via a direct money transfer outside of the website, including Paypal or a bank transfer. You also won’t be eligible if you agree to meet your closet owner in person to transact.

We can’t guarantee a refund if the tracked shipping shows as delivered to your address, so make sure you check with neighbours if you can’t find your item. If you’re having issues with missing parcels, we recommend taking necessary steps for home security. 

If your claim is for a damaged or not as described item, you must return the item throughout the claim process; we can’t guarantee any refunds for items that haven't been returned to the closet owner.

RMC Protection is not insurance.

Heads up: RMC Protection is not an insurance policy, a warranty, nor a guarantee. RMC has sole discretion to decide whether a transaction is granted protection under RMC Protection and we reserve the right to change, suspend, or discontinue the programme at any time, for any reason, and we will not be liable to you for the effect that any changes to the programme may have on you. You have no legal claim under the programme. In the event RMC does not refund the renter, this will not affect the renter's right to make claims against your profile. Your legal rights remain intact.

Closet owners can refund a renter at any time through contacting support or via the website.